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Panasonic KX-TES 824 pbx system

Hybrid Systems are buzz systems which can abutment your business and claimed needs.Panasonic KX-TES824 pbx arrangement supports 3 alfresco (CO) curve and 8 extensions. Panasonic KX-TEM824 supports 6 alfresco (CO) curve and 16 extensions. With alternative cards, you can calmly aggrandize your arrangement accommodation up to 8 outside

(CO) curve and 24 extensions* as your needs grow.

Panasonic KX-TES 824 and Panasonic KX-TEM 824 PBX systems accommodate the appearance that amuse the demands of the best adult and amount acquainted users. You can affix a array of advice devices, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, acclaim agenda verifiers, fax machines, and any added accessory that works with accepted blast lines.

Panasonic KX-TES824 and Panasonic KX-TEM824 are ideal for a baby business or home appointment ( S O H O )requiring a adjustable arrangement with a aerial amount of sophistication.

* 8 of the extensions are ports acclimated for Single Line Telephones.

Panasonic KX-TES 824 and Panasonic KX-TEM 824 actual Adjustable and Simple Expansion

Panasonic KX-TES 824 and Panasonic KX-TEM 824 pbx arrangement offers you aberrant adaptability and simple amplification with alternative cards.By abacus alternative cards, you can aggrandize the arrangement from 3 COs / 8 extensions to 8 COs / 24 extensions to accommodated your alteration needs.Neither added programming nor cher rewiring is required.

Efficient Alarm Handling

UCD (Uniform Alarm Distribution) with bulletin Improves the aggregation image.Important business calls will not be missed.Shares the abettor load.For administration abounding admission calls bound and efficiently, this affection allows admission calls to be broadcast analogously to agroup of extensions. If all stations in the UCD accumulation are busy,the arrangement will comedy a bulletin to the addition – acting like a receptionist. If still the UCD accumulation charcoal busy, the alarm can be beatific to a accessory DISA. This is abnormally advantageous for an appointment area abounding calls access at a accumulation and there is alone one being to booty calls (queuing feature).

Call Forwarding

(Busy / No Acknowledgment / Follow-Me / to Outside)

Incoming, intercom and transferred calls to your addendum can be forwarded to addition destination aback you are on the buzz or abroad from your desk. Calls can be directed to a preprogrammed number, such as your mailbox, addition phone, or alike alfresco your appointment building, convalescent ability and all-embracing chump service. “Follow me” programming allows you to accidentally set Alarm Forwarding from addition buzz at your appointment (eg. affair room), so calls to your addendum will ability you while you are abroad from your desk.

Day / Night / Lunch Mode

Panasonic KX-TES 824 and Panasonic KX-tem 824 PBX arrangement The arrangement provides “Day/Night” and “Lunch” approach appearance which can be acclimated to change arrangement functions according to the time of day. For example, you can baptize which phones will arena for admission calls afterwards hours, or anticipate approachable calls at night.

Doorphones, Aperture Openers, and Doorbells*

Panasonic KX-TES 824 and Panasonic KX-tem 824 PBX arrangement Up to 4 doorphones can be affiliated to the system. Aback a company presses a doorphone button, the pre-assigned addendum blast will arena and the addendum user can acknowledgment the alarm to allocution to the visitor. Standard doorbells can additionally be affiliated to the arrangement to announce doorphone calls with the accustomed bell sound. Doorphone calls can be adumbrated by ringing, by doorbell, or by both. If an alternative Aperture Opener is connected, the addendum user can alike accessible the aperture and let the company in.

* An alternative agenda is required.

Message Waiting*

Panasonic KX-TES 824 and Panasonic KX-tem 824 PBX arrangement Allows an addendum user to acquaint the alleged addendum of a bulletin cat-and-mouse aback the alleged addendum is active or does not acknowledgment the call. Pressing the lit MESSAGE button of proprietary blast can alarm aback the alleged affair automatically.

* Analogue Proprietary Blast only.Important business calls will not be missed.

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